"I injured my shoulder in late June 2020 and it was recommended that I have surgery but after doing some research I learned that acupuncture could assist in my healing so I decided not to have the surgery and I made an appointment with Megan Dove at Lavender House Wellness Centre. I had my first appointment in July and I saw her once a week throughout the summer of 2020. At the end of August I had another X-ray of my shoulder and the doctor was amazed that my fractured bone had grown back. Throughout the fall of 2020 I continued to see Megan every other week and now in 2021 I see her every three weeks for maintenance. Acupuncture and Reiki are a perfect combination of healing modalities and I leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Megan also makes a cream called Dove Rub that works wonders on broken bones and bruises. I use it almost every day rubbing the cream on my ankles, knees, elbows and upper arms and also on any bruises. Megan is a gifted compassionate practitioner and I would highly recommend the services Megan offers at Lavender House Wellness Centre." ~ C.G.

"I highly recommend, getting treatments, from Megan. She is very good at what she does and very knowledgeable, with all the different types of treatments she has to offer! Whenever I have had a treatment from Megan I always felt like I was leaving the spa! I feel relaxed and special after my treatment is done. Looking forward to my next one this week." ~ S.C. 

"Megan Dove is an exceptional practitioner of Asian Medicine. Her balance of keen intellect and intuition and well developed technique and compassion, provide profound access to healing. My husband began seeing Megan when his blood pressure was escalating and the only response given by western medicine was increasing dosage of medications. After the first treatment, the pressure was decreased and he felt much better. With continued acupuncture and herbs, his digestion and breathing has improved and now he is on the most minimal dosage of blood pressure medication possible. Megan has helped me with a variety of conditions, including residual tooth pain after a crown, with associated sinus congestion and a painful knee. I highly recommend Megan Dove for your well-being. Megan is a remarkable practitioner. Every practitioner is different and Megan is intelligent, compassionate, curious, dedicated, and one of the best I have experienced in over 35 years of using Asian Medicine as my main medicine." ~ S.E.

"I decided to see Megan to gain overall wellness and improved energy. I was feeling quite scattered and disconnected. Even before treatments started, I knew I had made a wonderful choice. Megan truly LISTENED and asked such relevant questions. It was wonderfully refreshing and a huge confidence builder. The first treatment was brilliant and so relaxing. The Reiki, acupuncture and healing were exactly what my body had been desperately craving. As treatments went along and I became confident sharing a long and frustrating medical history, Megan worked on muscles and nerves that had been uncooperative for over 20 years. Neurologists had told me movement in my right foot would never return, and other issues had been covered by long term use of medication. With Megan, I now have incredible movement in my right foot, can walk up a flight of stairs, at a brisk pace no less, without stopping half way, and most impressively, I am almost off of all my medications after 20 years! My GP was astounded at my improvement, particularly after only a few months of treatment. She had seen me try so many different therapies, without much success. Megan, your knowledge, care, compassion and magical insight are second to none! I look forward to my visits with you and carry the feeling of being wrapped in healing warmth with me throughout the rest of my week. Thank you." ~ L.S.

"I recommend Megan Dove at Lavender House Acupuncture and Wellness Clinic to everyone for sports related injuries and circulation issues. She also makes creams and is a herbalist. Almost my whole soccer team swears by her Dove Rub on their sprains, strains and bruises." ~ B.F.

"Megan is an empathic, multi skilled, holistic healer. From my first acupuncture treatment, to the combination of Reiki and other modalities I have experienced with her, she has used her professional resources to come up with the right solutions for optimum health. Her calm, openhearted nature, was comforting when I had been anxious about needles. Her patience and attentiveness, helped me feel truly heard. Megan’s gentle and relaxing manner makes appointments in her peaceful clinic a necessary gift for maintaining personal wellness. I’m grateful to have found Megan and appreciate her insight and ability to look at life with a sense of humour." ~ R.R.

"We fall, we get up, we stumble, we find balance and you move on. Thank you for helping me and others." ~ A.D.