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Welcome and thank you for your visit to the Lavender House Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic site. You are seen and heard during your appointments with me, and my approach to your wellness is holistic. As I remain with all my patients throughout the treatment, I'm only able to treat by appointment, for the best possible experience.

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Holistic Wellness For

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That headache you've been dealing with for too long? The sore knee that keeps you from evening walks on the beach? A feeling of overwhelm and stress that spoils yet another birthday party?

Acupunture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can be the key to your holistic health and wellness, it's in your hands.

Hi! My Name is Megan Dove

I’m glad you found your way to this site. We are the sum of our mind, body, and soul, and our health and wellness come from within all those levels of our being. Being able to balance the levels allows us to find our true selves, true happiness, and optimal health – and that’s exactly what I help my patients achieve.

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Welcome to Lavender House Acupuncture & Wellness Clinic!

Thank you and stay well!


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Megan is an empathic, multi skilled, holistic healer. From my first acupuncture treatment, to the combination of Reiki and other modalities I have experienced with her, she has used her professional resources to come up with the right solutions for optimum health. Her calm, openhearted nature, was comforting when I had been anxious about needles. Her patience and attentiveness, helped me feel truly heard. Megan’s gentle and relaxing manner makes appointments in her peaceful clinic a necessary gift for maintaining personal wellness. I’m grateful to have found Megan and appreciate her insight and ability to look at life with a sense of humour.