Megan Dove is an exceptional practitioner of Asian Medicine. Her balance of keen intellect and intuition and well developed technique and compassion, provide profound access to healing.

My husband began seeing Megan when his blood pressure was escalating and the only response given by western medicine was increasing dosage of medications. After the first treatment, the pressure was decreased and he felt much better. With continued acupuncture and herbs, his digestion and breathing has improved and now he is on the most minimal dosage of blood pressure medication possible.

Megan has helped me with a variety of conditions, including residual tooth pain after a crown, with associated sinus congestion and a painful knee. I highly recommend Megan Dove for your well-being. Megan is a remarkable practitioner. Every practitioner is different and Megan is intelligent, compassionate, curious, dedicated, and one of the best I have experienced in over 35 years of using Asian Medicine as my main medicine.