I decided to see Megan to gain overall wellness and improved energy. I was feeling quite scattered and disconnected. Even before treatments started, I knew I had made a wonderful choice. Megan truly LISTENED and asked such relevant questions. It was wonderfully refreshing and a huge confidence builder. The first treatment was brilliant and so relaxing. The Reiki, acupuncture and healing were exactly what my body had been desperately craving.

As treatments went along and I became confident sharing a long and frustrating medical history, Megan worked on muscles and nerves that had been uncooperative for over 20 years. Neurologists had told me movement in my right foot would never return, and other issues had been covered by long term use of medication.

With Megan, I now have incredible movement in my right foot, can walk up a flight of stairs, at a brisk pace no less, without stopping half way, and most impressively, I am almost off of all my medications after 20 years! My GP was astounded at my improvement, particularly after only a few months of treatment. She had seen me try so many different therapies, without much success.

Megan, your knowledge, care, compassion and magical insight are second to none! I look forward to my visits with you and carry the feeling of being wrapped in healing warmth with me throughout the rest of my week. Thank you.