The Flow of the Season – Spring

There’s a reason why Spring is an action word. Finally, the wintertime of rest and reflection is coming to a close and it’s time to spring forth with putting plans into motion. Now is the time for new growth. Take those winter reflections and transform them into the change that you want to see for the year ahead of us.

The organ system associated with Spring is the liver. The liver’s role is to ensure the smooth flow of Qi in our body and emotions. After the restful period of winter, it is common for liver energy to be a bit stagnant. We can help smooth out this energy by getting outside and moving our body more as well as eating foods that encourage and support this movement.

Look for foods that have an up and out action such as fresh greens and sprouts, foods with some “spice” to them such as radishes, as well as some sweet foods to support this increase in activity. Be careful not to eat too many sweet foods, or sweet foods of poor quality, as they may actually have the opposite effect and bog you down.

Yams are a great sweet food to add to your diet now. You can also start to move away from eating only cooked foods. If the days are warmer where you live you can introduce salads back into your diet, but not every day.

The momentum of Spring is all about up and out. Get out there, enjoy the warmer days, and eat all the fresh veggies that are coming out of the ground.

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